Block 7 – Altos de Campoamor Altos de Campoamor


Kind Status City Area Price from 89,000€ Size From 43.67 m² Room From 1 Bathrooms From 1


Located 10 minutes walk to the beach you will find Altos de Campoamor, a building of 40 flats of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms and duplex penthouses, with wonderful sea views and surrounded by nature.

ALTOS DE CAMPOAMOR. Located in the street Samaniego. NO. 22. Dehesa de Campoamor. Orihuela Costa.

Altos de Campoamor, a building of 40 homes with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms and duplex penthouses, with wonderful sea views and surrounded by nature.

The apartments are close to all services, including hotels, several golf courses and close to the motorway. It consists of 4000 m 2 of private green area with tennis court, pool, playground and large pine forest.

The houses are equipped with kitchen DM lacquered in gloss of high quality and maximum functionality, included in the price of Teka home appliances; decorative hood of steel, ceramic hob, oven microwave and built-in fridge.

The bathrooms are fully equipped with washbasin Cabinet and mirror with wall led, faucet handle and glass partition

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GROUND FLOORFrom 50,22 m²From 4.86 m²From 1From 1From € 97.000
Under A72,26 m²4.86 m²32€140.000SeeSeeSeeAvailable
Under B50,22 m²11,41 m²11€97,000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
Low C79,92 m²25,68 m²22€135.000SeeSeeSeeAvailable
Low D60,49 m²11.16 m²21€ 118,000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
1st to 8th floorsFrom 43.67 m²From 0 m²From 1From 1From € 89,000AVAILABILITY
1ST A72,26 m²4.86 m²32€140.000SeeSeeSeeAvailable
1º B43.67 m²4.86 m²11€89,000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
59,67 m²5.43 m ²22€135.000SeeSeeSeeAvailable
1 D49.33 m ²---2196000 €SeeSeeSeeAvailable
2A72,26 m²4.86 m²32€140.000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
2B43.67 m²4.86 m²11€89,000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
2 C59,67 m²5.43 m ²22€125.000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
2nd D49.33 m ²---2196000 €SeeSeeSeeAvailable
3A72,26 m²4.86 m²32€140.000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
3B43.67 m²4.86 m²11€89,000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
3 C59,67 m²5.43 m ²22€125.000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
3 D49.33 m ²---2196000 €SeeSeeSeeSOLD
4A72,26 m²4.86 m²32142,000 €SeeSeeSeeSOLD
4th B43.67 m²4.86 m²1191000 €SeeSeeSeeSOLD
4 C59,67 m²5.43 m ²22€ 127,000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
4 D49.33 m ²---21€97,000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
5 the72,26 m²4.86 m²32142,000 €SeeSeeSeeSOLD
5B43.67 m²4.86 m²1191000 €SeeSeeSeeSOLD
5 C59,67 m²5.43 m ²22€ 127,000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
5 D49.33 m ²---21€97,000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
6 the72,26 m²4.86 m²32€ 145,000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
6B43.67 m²4.86 m²1193000 €SeeSeeSeeSOLD
6 C59,67 m²5.43 m ²22129,000 €SeeSeeSeeSOLD
6 D49.33 m ²---2199000 €SeeSeeSeeSOLD
7A72,26 m²4.86 m²32€ 145,000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
7B43.67 m²4.86 m²1193000 €SeeSeeSeeSOLD
7 C59,67 m²5.43 m ²22129,000 €SeeSeeSeeSOLD
7 D49.33 m ²---2199000 €SeeSeeSeeSOLD
8A72,26 m²4.86 m²32€ 145,000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
8 B43.67 m²4.86 m²1193000 €SeeSeeSeeSOLD
8° C59,67 m²5.43 m ²22129,000 €SeeSeeSeeSOLD
8 D49.33 m ²---2199000 €SeeSeeSeeSOLD
DUPLEX PENTHOUSESFrom 104,60 m²From 10,40 m²From 3From 2From €210.000AVAILABILITY
9A114,52 m²10.40 m ²32€ 235,000SeeSeeSeeSOLD
9 B105,61 m²10.40 m ²32€210.000SeeSeeSeeAvailable
9 C104,60 m²10.40 m ²32220,000 €SeeSeeSeeSOLD
9 D116,42 m²10.40 m ²33€ 235,000SeeSeeSeeAvailable


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