PLANT LOW 45 – TURQUOISE SEA Niagara Street, Playa Flamenca - Orihuela Costa


Kind City Area Price 168,000€ Size 70.27 m ² Room 2 Bathrooms 2 Terrace area 13,00


Residential "Turquesa del Mar" located in Playa Flamenca offers a range of 54 homes with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms on the ground floor with garden and high plants and large terraces overlooking the sea. Built with first quality materials in a sustainable way, allowing for good sunlight and a high level of acoustic insulation.
Located in a privileged location, 15 minutes walk to the beaches of Orihuela, close to all amenities, golf courses and shopping center la Zenia Boulevard, make this resort an idyllic place to enjoy throughout the year.
First-quality materials and built economically for a sustainable performance, good use of sunlight and high levels of acoustic insulation.
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GROUND FLOORFrom 52, 77 m²From 25, 48 m²From 79, 25 m²From 1From 1From 152.000€AVAILABILITY
1Yes64,67 m²12,96 m²12,96 m²77,63 m²22169.000€Available
2Yes63,80 m²14,00 m²14,00 m²77,80 m²22169.000€Available
3Yes63,00 m²13,75 m²13,75 m²76,75 m²22168.000€Available
4Yes64,67 m²29.00 m ²29.00 m ²93.67 m ²22189.000€Available
5Yes60.96 m²14,00 m²14,00 m²74,96 m²22165.000€Available
6Yes64,67 m²29.00 m ²29.00 m ²93.67 m ²22189.000€PILOT
7Yes63,80 m²14,00 m²14,00 m²77,80 m²22169.000€Available
8Yes63,00 m²13,75 m²13.7576,75 m²22170.000€Available
9Yes64,67 m²29.00 m ²29.00 m ²93.67 m ²22189.000€Available
10Yes60.96 m²14,00 m²14,00 m²74,96 m²22167.000€Available
11Yes64,67 m²29,00 m²29,00 m²93,67 m²22189.000€Available
38No64,23 m²13.65 m²13.65 m²77.88 m²22168.000€Available
39No64,23 m²13.65 m²13.65 m²77.88 m²22168.000€Available
40No64,23 m²13.65 m²13.65 m²77.88 m²22168.000€Available
41No64,23 m²13.65 m²13.65 m²77.88 m²22168.000€Available
42No64,23 m²13.65 m²13.65 m²77.88 m²22168.000€Available
43No64,23 m²13.65 m²13.65 m²77.88 m²22PILOTPILOT
44Yes52,77 m²22.50 m²22.50 m²79,25 m²11€152.000SOLD
45Yes63,94 m²13.34 m²13.34 m²77.28 m²22168.000€Available
FIRST PLANTSFrom 54,85 m²Desde 12, 00 m ²From 66, 85 m²From 1From 1From 120.000€AVAILABILITY
15Yes64,67 m²13.00 m ²13.00 m ²77.67 m ²22172.000€Available
16No63,80 m²28.30 m ²28.30 m ²92.10 m ²22189.000€Available
17No65,54 m²29.42 m ²29.42 m ²94.96 m ²22193.000€Available
19Yes65,54 m²29.42 m ²29.42 m ²94.96 m ²22193.000€Available
34No65,54 m²26.25 m²26.25 m²91.79 m ²22188.000 €Available
35No65,54 m²27.00 m ²27.00 m ²92.54 m ²22189.000€Available
36No65,54 m²26.25 m²26.25 m²91.79 m ²22188.000 €Available
47Yes87,55 m²12,00 m 212,00 m 299,55 m²32191.000€SOLD
49Yes65,39 m²12,00 m 212,00 m 277,39 m²21169.000€Available
PLANTAS SEGUNDASFrom 54,85 m²Desde 12, 00 m ²From 66, 85 m²From 1From 1From 140.000€AVAILABILITY
PLANTAS TERCERASFrom 54,85 m²Desde 12, 00 m ²From 66, 85 m²From 1From 1From 145.000€AVAILABILITY
31Yes65,54 m²28,60 m²28,60 m²94,14 m²22194.000€Available

Los precios arriba indicados no incluyen I.V.A. (10%). The above prices do not include I.V.A.. (10%). The above price does not include I.V.A. (VAT). (10%).
La presente lista de precios es informativa por lo que no es contractual y podrá ser cambiada como resultado de nuestra política de desarrollo continuo del producto. The present price list is for information purposes only and may change as a result of our policy of continuous product development. The contents do not constitute a contract, part of a contract or a warranty. Die Preise sind nur zur Information und stellen in keinster Weise einen Vertrag dar und können sich während der weiteren Entwicklung des Projektes ändern.


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