Turquesa del Mar – Playa Flamenca Playa Flamenca


Kind Status City Area Price from 152.000€ Size Desde 66,85 m² Room From 1 Bathrooms From 1 Terrace area From 12


Residential "turquoise sea" located in Playa Flamenca offers you a set of 55 homes in 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms on ground floor with garden and plants high with large terraces overlooking the sea, with first quality materials and built organically, sustainable performance, study of sunlight and high level of acoustic insulation.

Located in a privileged location, 15 minutes walk to the beaches of Orihuela, close to all amenities, golf courses and shopping center la Zenia Boulevard, make this resort an idyllic place to enjoy throughout the year.
First-quality materials and built economically for a sustainable performance, good use of sunlight and high levels of acoustic insulation.
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If you are interested in doing the virtual tour of any of the specific homes, write to us at oficina@travensa.com and we will contact you to provide you with the link.

GROUND FLOORFrom 52, 77 m²From 25, 48 m²From 79, 25 m²From 1From 1From 152.000€AVAILABILITY
1Yes64,67 m²12,96 m²12,96 m²77,63 m²22169.000€SeeAvailable
2Yes63,80 m²14,00 m²14,00 m²77,80 m²22169.000€SeeAvailable
3Yes63,00 m²13,75 m²13,75 m²76,75 m²22168.000€SeeAvailable
4Yes64,67 m²29.00 m ²29.00 m ²93.67 m ²22189.000€SeeAvailable
5Yes60.96 m²14,00 m²14,00 m²74,96 m²22165.000€SeeAvailable
6Yes64,67 m²29.00 m ²29.00 m ²93.67 m ²22189.000€SeePILOT
7Yes63,80 m²14,00 m²14,00 m²77,80 m²22169.000€SeeAvailable
8Yes63,00 m²13,75 m²13.7576,75 m²22170.000€SeeAvailable
9Yes64,67 m²29.00 m ²29.00 m ²93.67 m ²22189.000€SeeAvailable
10Yes60.96 m²14,00 m²14,00 m²74,96 m²22167.000€SeeAvailable
11Yes64,67 m²29,00 m²29,00 m²93,67 m²22189.000€SeeAvailable
38No64,23 m²13.65 m²13.65 m²77.88 m²22168.000€SeeAvailable
39No64,23 m²13.65 m²13.65 m²77.88 m²22168.000€SeeAvailable
40No64,23 m²13.65 m²13.65 m²77.88 m²22168.000€SeeAvailable
41No64,23 m²13.65 m²13.65 m²77.88 m²22168.000€SeeAvailable
42No64,23 m²13.65 m²13.65 m²77.88 m²22168.000€SeeAvailable
43No64,23 m²13.65 m²13.65 m²77.88 m²22PILOTSeePILOT
44Yes52,77 m²26,48 m²26,48 m²79,25 m²11€152.000SeeSOLD
45Yes63,94 m²13.34 m²13.34 m²77.28 m²22168.000€SeeAvailable
FIRST PLANTSFrom 54,85 m²Desde 12, 00 m ²From 66, 85 m²From 1From 1From 120.000€AVAILABILITY
15Yes64,67 m²13.00 m ²13.00 m ²77.67 m ²22172.000€SeeAvailable
16No63,80 m²28.30 m ²28.30 m ²92.10 m ²22189.000€SeeAvailable
17No65,54 m²29.42 m ²29.42 m ²94.96 m ²22193.000€SeeAvailable
19Yes65,54 m²29.42 m ²29.42 m ²94.96 m ²22193.000€SeeAvailable
34No65,54 m²26.25 m²26.25 m²91.79 m ²22188.000 €SeeAvailable
35No65,54 m²27.00 m ²27.00 m ²92.54 m ²22189.000€SeeAvailable
36No65,54 m²26.25 m²26.25 m²91.79 m ²22188.000 €SeeAvailable
47Yes87,55 m²12,00 m 212,00 m 299,55 m²32191.000€SeeAvailable
49Yes65,39 m²12,00 m 212,00 m 277,39 m²21169.000€SeeAvailable
PLANTAS SEGUNDASFrom 54,85 m²Desde 12, 00 m ²From 66, 85 m²From 1From 1From 140.000€AVAILABILITY
PLANTAS TERCERASFrom 54,85 m²Desde 12, 00 m ²From 66, 85 m²From 1From 1From 145.000€AVAILABILITY
31Yes65,54 m²28,60 m²28,60 m²94,14 m²22194.000€SeeAvailable



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